E3 Compliance

An EMC Consulting Company

E3 Compliance LLC is an independent consulting company based in Zeeland, Michigan specializing in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) design, analysis, pre-compliance testing, root cause analysis and EMC lab development.

We have decades of experience in EMC engineering and technical management roles and a proven track record of enabling businesses to develop EMC compliant product early in their development process.  Our staff is iNARTE EMC certified and well connected to a global network of industry experts.

Virtually every electronic device, regardless of industry requires EMC certification to comply with local, regional and international standards such as ISO, CISPR, FCC, UL and others.  Our mission is to help businesses navigate EMC and develop a robust product that meets the applicable EMC standards with confidence.  We use an approach that saves our clients both time and money.

The graph below illustrates how the cost of resolving EMC issues increases and the design options decrease the later we address product EMC performance:

Murphy's Law of EMC Graph

You can benefit from our experience and avoid program delays and cost overruns by taking a proactive approach in managing EMC. Contact us today and engage E3 Compliance LLC as your virtual EMC engineering department.

Learn about the services we offer and how we've helped customers successfully navigate EMC challenges.